Ka Htain Donation – 2018

As a monument day of 3rd anniversary, NVL Institute held one of the religious events, Ka Htain Donation at Chanthar gyi Monastery, Sagaing. On 10th November, we donate new robes, towels, napkins and other things that need for monks. According to this month is the time for offering the robes to monks, many monks are in need of new robes. Offering of robes and other gifts, in the season are made not to any individual monk. Donors, being human are often moved to offer gifts to monks by personal feelings.

It is the custom of the community to organize the offering of gifts, everyone contribution on cash or in kind. Members of the same for this purpose and collect gifts for the monastery. People make wooden triangular structures standing in everywhere. Gifts are hanging in structures. Common gifts hang to structures are sets of yellow robes, towels, napkins, cups and umbrella. They are Ka Htain gifts and anyone is welcome to hang whatever they wish to contribute, a small coin or a cake of soap-no matter however the things are small.

These structures hung together with gifts are called padentha trees. The meaning of padentha is plenty and inexhaustible wealth. The grand moment is when the gift-laden padentha trees are taken in triumph to the monastery, attended by music and dance troupes and bevies of damsels dressed in bright skills. Ka Htain offering is considered one of the most meritorious deeds.

After finished donation, NVL Principal with chairman family were throwing money to all audiences.