2020 Graduation Day

2020 Graduation Day

2020 Annual Staff Party

2020 Annual Staff Party

Annual Donation
2020 Annual Donation
Annual Donation
2020 Annual Donation
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2019 Ka Htain Donation
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Faculty Members

Networking and Security

Name: Dr. Aye Moe Aung
Job Title: Senior Lecturer
Highest Degree: Ph.D(IT),University of Computer Studies, Yangon (UCSY) PG Diploma in VLSI (CDAC, Pune, India)
Experience: 16+ years

I am Aye Moe Aung. I got Ph.D (IT) Degree from University of Computer Studies, Yangon in 2010. I launched into Education Field as a teacher in June 2002. I have been teaching the subjects concerning with Information and Communication Technology such as computer Hardware, Computer Architecture, Computer Network, Network Security and Cryptography, Programming Subjects and Databases more than 16 years.

I also got Post Graduate Diploma in VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) CDAC, Pune, India in 2009 that is Computer Component Design and Communication Technology.

I hope the students to become IT professionals and to develop communication Skills, Creativity and Innovation Skills and Technical Skills. So I have been supporting and teaching the students the theories based on Practicals, Projects, Assignments and Teaching Games

Software Development

Name: Daw Mya Kyu Kyu Swe
Job Title: Senior Lecturer & Centre Coordinator
Highest Degree: M.C.Sc
Experience: 6+ years

My name is Mya Kyu Kyu Swe. I am a Senior Lecturer and centre-coordinator of NVL University. I am also responsible for exam department.
I graduated with M.C.Sc from University of computer studies. I have been teaching for over 6 years in NCC Education.
My aim is to help students to improve their IT skill and to promote their qualification. I have been involved in various student projects as a supervisor and I also enjoy developing the website. I love teaching and sharing knowledge.

Name: Dr. Myat Mon Aye
Job Title: Lecturer (Part Time)
Highest Degree: Ph.D (IT), University of Computer Studies, Mandalay (UCSM)
Experience: 10+ years

I am Myat Mon Aye and I have been teaching and developing software since 2008. I graduated with Ph.D in IT from University of Computer Studies (Mandalay). My specialization is Data Mining. I inspire in teaching, studying, creating logic, innovating ideas and developing applications. As a teacher, I am enthusiastic to support my students mentally and technically. I ever try they become expert in programming. Being a hard one, I expect my students can stand tight in IT professional way.

Name: Dr. Aye Aye
Job Title: Senior Lecturer
Highest Degree: Ph.D (IT)
Experience: 8+ years

I’m Aye Aye. I got my Ph.D[IT] Degree in the year 2014 from University of Computer Studies, Mandalay. As a researcher, I specialized in analyzing mechanisms of Network Security and Cryptography. In recent years, I’ve spent my time in teaching Dynamic Website Development and Computing Project. I’ve been supervising students of NCC Education and University of Greenwich.

I am pleasure in developing software projects for business organizations. Information System and Web technologies are current interesting areas. Other enthusiasm is political affairs and international relations.

I’m ready to offer best academic support to students by using effective strategies in learning engagements.

Business Management

Name: U Naing Winn Swe
Job Title: Lecturer
Highest Degree: MBA (University of Mandalay)
Experience: 20 years

My name is Naing Winn Swe. Although my native town is Yangon, Myanmar, I moved to Mandalay when I was a baby. I graduated with Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS) Myanmar since 2006. I have finished master degree Business, MBA from Mandalay University in 2015. I have more than 20 years of teaching experiences for pre-university levels, which is equivalent to grade-11/12 in both of public and private schools. I really know what makes me exciting in those teaching— that’s management especially to students of different ages and levels.

Name: U Phyo Thu
Job Title: Lecturer
Highest Degree: B.Sc (Physics), MBA
Experience: 12+ years

My name is Phyo Thu, and I’ve been teaching for over 12 years about accounting subjects since I received Diploma in Management Accounting from LCCI. I graduated with B.Sc in Physics.
I am really interested in Accounting so much. Because I believe and accept it is a subject that is explained in details about all businesses as a language. I want to explain and teach all students to understand exactly about it and the beauty of the concepts that is why we should use it rather than just a procedure used step by step.
I am ready to try for all our students who want to possess the sharp brain as the weapon.

Name: U Kyaw Htin Win
Job Title: Head of Department (Business)
Highest Degree: MBA (University of Mandalay)
Experience: 11+ years

I am Kyaw Htin Win. I have got master degree since 2015 then I has been teaching in various sorts of business area. Most of the subjects are related to Finance role. I teach practical projects associated with knowledge-based business, financial areas of a company, and a case-based study. I love teaching in such business lines and I also want my students to promote personal development, and transferable skills in their professional career through my expertise.

Supplementary Courses Teachers

Name: Daw Phyu Phyu Aye
Job Title: English Language Trainer
Highest Degree: M.Res. (Eng;)
Experience: 13+ Years

I am Phyu Phyu Aye. I’ve got B.A (Hons;), M.A.; M. Res. (English) from University of Mandalay. I’ve got Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from London Teacher Training College and First Certificate for Teachers of Business English from London Chamber of Commerce and Industry International Qualifications, Pearson Education Limited. I started teaching as a study-guide in 1993. I started to work as a private English teacher in 2004. Since then, I have been trying to improve my skill and sharing my knowledge to the needs.