Academic Supports

Academic Supports

IT Team

As IT team, my members and I work for several school services, which includes:

  • Check regularly overall internet status for load balancing and better sharing resources.
  • Keep track of various IT accessories, which are embedded and equipped around our school.
  • Repair and maintain PCs, routers, switches, firewall, CCTV cameras and wireless access points for Wi-Fi enabled campus facility.
  • Help in hardware and software problems of students such as computer operating system problems, software crashes, configuration problems, and maintenance problems.
  • Involve in network labs, practical labs and school seminars for all students’ practical study.
  • Prepare and arrange for workshops, network labs and seminars to run smoothly and successfully.

Class Coordinators

To do individual take care on student’s learning and help daily personal problems, each section class has class coordinator. As long as our institute offers two main studies of Business and Computing, we recruited graduated coordinators for these related study lines. Therefore, they can closely support not only in regular study time but also in during exam focus schedules according to subject lecturer’s instructions. Their responsibilities include monitoring students and various engagement in student-to-student, student-to-lecturer, student-to-student Affair committee, student-to-management, and so on. They all love such honorable duties under strongly academic supports.

Student Affairs Committee

NVL has composed student affairs (SA) committee to keeping best of our student’s study life by follow school policies in terms of course of principles of actions. We expect our students as “Smart Students” being perfect in both of international education and personal development. SA monitors all student’s awareness, behavior, requirements and problems directly or often reporting from class coordinators. As the result of monitoring, SA also discusses with parents for about attendance record, grading, and other study issues of their children for improvement themselves by a good consultation.

To keep continuous progression of our students’ qualification, SA takes student evaluation survey by an evaluation form twice a semester with school management. This review usually reflects upon our facilities and leads to a more clear understanding of how much success in one’s teaching, which in turn helps for quality control and teaching performance. Student Affairs committee has enough member staffs to solve those kinds of student’s conditions and circumstances.

Moreover, SA members act as student’s friends when going together on a day trip for outdoor activities or help as a good team to celebrate seasonal school events with students’ council, and activity team.

Other Engagements

We emphasize to become all our students have equal opportunities to study higher diploma courses and degree courses through NCC Education with our best. In this journey, Faculty and staff are vitally important, but students are unique in that they will forever fill a role of our needs as well. Better friendship makes quicker job finished in social activities. So, we build a student council to do students’ special community works. Our students’ council is organized by the volunteer students in each section class. Now, our students’ council have 20 student members. They all together participate to share their interests and views, and to solve all social problems that we never left to describe about their contribution.

Students’ Council