How Students are taught

Teaching higher-level courses aims to provide effective guidance, opportunities and required information to students for ease of their learning.

Establishment of Interactive Teaching

Asking for students’ feedbacks to maximize their participation

Keeping an open relation with students for communication

Accepting questions and giving reasonable answers to students when they ask

Monitoring Student’s Engagement

Monitoring how much attention students pay on lectures

Monitoring how much interest students have and to what extent how they are active in learning

Monitoring how students ask questions relevant to their courses

Assessment and Providing Necessary Controls

Students are assessed by exercises concerned with their courses and cooperative study

Making regular assessments

Making discussion individually with students and providing effective suggestion

Guidance of Experienced Teachers

  • Students are taught their academic courses by experienced teachers who have more than ten-year experiences in their successful teaching life and they give students the best support to be helpful in their learning.
  • Teachers try to be able to provide quality teaching to students across a range of reflection from students’ perception and global initiatives.
  • Teachers are always trying to upgrade teaching performance in continuous development by reading course-related articles and online resources. It is hoped that “The more studying the academic courses, the closer to achieve the higher qualification”.
  • Since teachers are proficient in their respective fields, it is ensured that students could get much knowledge with the help of skillful teachers in learning their courses.
  • Under the guidance of experienced teachers, students are motivated to achieve the higher level of success and to promote coherent aspects.
  • Moreover, teachers make better understanding with students by well-controlling the classroom and by implementing instructions as well as discussing openly with students.

Exam-Focused Training

One-month training before the exam is given to students with not only regular revisions but also dynamic schedules to take the exam successfully. In accordance with students’ willingness, attempts and self-learning skills, smart training for students are provided with different approaches. Through the effective teaching techniques, students are trained to become more engaged, motivated as well as to improve in their learning outcomes and in academic progression.

The provided teaching methods and training programs are:

  • Interactive Teaching
  • Practical Knowledge
  • Competencies
  • Teamwork Spirits
  • Career Opportunities

Orientation Programs

To polish students’ intuitive knowledge and their existing qualified skills, effective lesson plans for all of our academic schedules based on international standard are prepared. Orientation program is introduced to the first-year students to acquire knowledge before starting the main courses. Students can get in touch with their classmates, meet their teachers and participate in academic courses such as:

  • Computer Technology
  • Designing and Drawing Diagrams
  • IT Skills – A Quick Learning to Microsoft Office Applications and Website Fundamentals