Facilities are fully supported for the students and well-equipped to be convenient in teaching services and in students’ daily life. Furthermore, faculty members, students and staffs in the campus engage through a wide variety of discussions and activities exploring teaching techniques. Students can share some kinds of personal experiences and social networks through communication within the campus. Students in the campus can make evaluations to give feedback on teaching and campus facilities. Feedback through students’ evaluations are not only about the teachers who deliver lectures to them but also about the campus facilities offered whether they are satisfied with or not.

Teaching Facilities

Guidance of Experienced Teachers

Students are taught their academic courses by experienced teachers who have more than ten-year experiences in their successful teaching life and they give students the best support to be helpful in their learning.

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Exam-Focused Training

One-month training before each exam is provided to students. Students are trained not only with regular revisions but also with dynamic schedules to be ready to sit for the exam successfully.

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English Language Professional Training Classes

English Language Professional Training Classes are provided not only for Computing students but also for Business students. Every student in the campus can learn English Language 4-skills through the professional training classes.

Network Labs

Students can gain knowledge concerned with server technology and resources from network labs because the campus provides networking accessories, services and its related activities.

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Practical Workshops

A variety of practical workshops are prepared to capture students’ intuitive knowledge and their competencies.

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Seminar & Conferences

Seminars and special conferences are arranged weekly and occasionally for our students to enhance social knowledge and abilities to think and care about environmental aspects.

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Campus Facilities

Fresh & Air-conditioned Classrooms

All the classrooms in the campus are clean, fresh and air-conditioned.

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Classrooms Materials & Tools

Necessary classroom materials and tools such as laptops, digital projectors, speakers etc. and other teaching aids are fully provided in each classroom.

Library Support

The library with a very good collection of books where students can access modernized articles, especially to reference in writing their assignments work.

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IT support & Wi-Fi Access

IT support team is always ready to help in software and hardware problems of students and wireless access is provided throughout the campus as well.

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Sports & Recreational Activities

An extensive range of sports is also held in the campus which expects to lead students’ healthy lives, relaxation and to promote students’ team spirits.

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Students Engagement

We take student views very seriously and want to make sure we listen and respond to your opinions and feedback. You can make your voice heard through a variety of means, including student evaluation survey.

Feedback from Students

“I feel happy to take part in all of campus activities, especially playing badminton. I never forgot that we played at a big stadium near NVL institute which is one of outstanding arrangement of our campus.”

“It was amazing programs for I got practical experience concerning hardware devices and networking. I recognize myself that I understand more than the study time of the past.”

“I love studying here as I gain knowledge from different teachers and special class teachers. Even though some subjects are hard to study for me, training facilities are bringing me to a clear level. So, I have been able to share what I learned well today.”


“The facilities at NVL institute are equipped with workshops, innovative laboratories and individual consultation programs to different students. We have invested heavily in modern and high-standard facilities for our excellency and the quality of student’s life.”