Seminars & Conferences

Seminars and special conferences are arranged weekly and occasionally for our students to enhance social knowledge and abilities to think and care about environmental aspects. Seminars are mostly based on modernized topics in accordance with all teaching faculties such as IT and Business given and shared by invited special guests to provide knowledge to students through his or her experiences. In accordance with the contact with other IT associations, students could gain joint knowledge by attending developer conferences under school supervision.


“Understanding Change” by Mr. Kyaw Htin Win on 2nd February 2020

This seminar is aimed in the facts that in business, master plans are needed to be successful and having awareness in the variable environment to become better organizations.

“IT Career Development and Development of Website with WordPress” by Dr. Mi Mi Nge on 23rd August 2019

Dr. Mi Mi Nge delivered and shared knowledge about IT Career Development at 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Developing a Website Workshop Plan was also one of the programs held at 12:00 PM to 3:30 PM. The objectives of this seminar is to know much knowledge about Career Development Strategies, Challenges, developing a website, etc. and to practice the acquired knowledge in reality.

“WAN CLP, RANS and VPN Technologies” by Mr. Aung Zaw Myint on 24th January 2019

Mr. Aung Zaw Myint (Founder and Principal, M.S.T-Institute, School of Networking) discussed and delivered about WAN Technology Concepts, WAN Data Link Network, Virtual Private Network and Remote Access Service at NVL Institute.

“Essential Tips about Cyber Security/ Laws and Ethical Hacking” by Mr. Aung Zaw Myint on 10th October 2018

Mr. Aung Zaw Myint (Founder and Principal, M.S.T – Institute, School of Networking) delivered and discussed on Cyber Crime, Cyber Security and Law, Ethical Hacking as well as Network Trends and Professional Issues to the audience.

“Cryptography in Everyday Life ” by Mr.Aung Cho Htwe on 10th July, 2018

Mr. Aung Cho Htwe (Chief Technology Officer [CTO]), ACH Network Professional Training Center, ACH Co.Ltd) delivered about how important of network security, network concepts and professional careers for networking.

“Blue Ocean and Other BIG Strategic Ideas” by Mr.Kyaw Htin Win on 12th Jan, 2017

Students have got knowledge about strategic ideas for market place in various business industries and business firm from this seminar.

“Innovation” by Mr.Naing Winn Swe on 7th Jan, 2017

In this seminar, teacher discussed about how important to have innovation in a particular business model, processes, goods and services for a target audience or customers.

“Programmer, freaky person who makes crazy things” by Mr.Thiha Zaw on 31st Dec,2016

In this seminar, teacher explained the role of programmer, and how should a student try hard to become IT professional with his experiences.

“What is your Future Plan” by Mr.Htay Aung on 24th Dec, 2016

The objective of this seminar is for students enable to thinking, understanding, planning in their education life. It provides special awareness to students should be active and never stop to step another higher level by a good motivation.


“Developer Conference”

Our school arranged for the interesting students to attend this amazing developer conference by invitation of teacher Thiha Zaw. It was held in the office hall of Mandalay Computer Professional Association (MCPA) on 18th Jan, 2017. Every attendee must require an official ticket to join this conference.