Activity-based Learning

Activity-based Learning

Activity-based learning aims to enrich students’ academic experience and learning outcomes. It refers to two different ways of study; namely activity-based lab and activity-based learning. As a part of course, we arrange to spend some extra periods and break it into separate sessions for all labs. Network labs and practical workshops are belonging to activity-based lab and seminars & conferences is to activity-based learning. All these programs are geared towards that our students can get theoretical knowledge and analyze how it can be applied to real world cases by doing effective activities, as they prefer.

The programme for each course excluding foundation course or Level 3 is lengthy one academic year consisting of two semesters including final exam days. There are four intakes per year: March, June, September and December for undergraduate courses while June intake and December for degree courses and forming as course cycle. Students are able to join for their courses at appropriate intake.

Before starting a course, there will be associated orientation program for each course which is designed to support for students as easy step to go studying and it is ensure that our course route is eligible to international standard institution.

To improve our qualifications, all courses, which let a free practical Lab or discussion once a week at least for registered students whereby lecturers provide one-on-one assistance to help students understand specific topics, covered in class that they find particularly difficult.

Assessments for all units of course are offered in a number of assessment cycles throughout the year. All units are assessed by either examination or assignments according to NCC education’s policies.

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