Fresher Welcome – 2019

NVL Institute celebrated “Fresher Welcome 2019” at Hotel Mandalay on 14th December 2019. Chairman, Board of Directors, students from NVL Institute, parents and sponsors: Thomas Studio (IT Solution), Thet Cho Lwin Silk & Fabric Shop, Daw Ni Ni Aye Kyaw (IELTS), Shwe La Min Nagar (Acer Computer), 9 Point Purified Drinking Water, Designer Hiro, Designer Nyi Nyi Naing, Royal-D Energy Drink as well as all the family members from NVL Institute attended to this wonderful celebration.

MD and Principal, Daw Lay Lay Myint gave welcoming speech to new students of 2019 Academic Year and delivered message about rules and regulations to obey by students. Instead of all the senior students, Ma Wutti Yi Poe and Mg Sai Aung Myat Ko Ko warmly greet to new students.

At this memorable event of Fresher Welcome 2019, many programs such as singing NVL theme songs, cat walking by NVL students, performing plays and singing songs, the election of King and Queen from 2019 fresher students, the selection of the whole King and Queen, and awarding others titles are happily celebrated.