NVL CSR Program for Youth Development (Free Online Course)

21st Century Applied Techniques and Contributive Training (Online Free Class) of NVL Institute for Youths

NVL Institute starts CSR Program for Youth Development (Online Free Class) which supports essential qualifications to the youths of these days.

According to COVID-19 situation, NVL Institute arranges Online Free Class for students to be convenient to learn technical skills from their homes without any cost.

Who could join this Online Free Class?

  • Matriculation students who are waiting for the result and anyone who are interested in techniques can join this Online Free Class.
  • CSR Program for Youth Development (Online Free Class) will start under the title of Essential Digital Online Skills for Young People from 13 May 2020 Wednesday to 17 May 2020 Sunday and the duration will be two hours long per day (1PM – 3PM).
  • The Online Free Class will last for 5 days and will take total 10 hours long.

The subjects which are going to be taught in Essential Digital Online Skills for Young People Course are:

  • Google Classroom where students and teachers can communicate and discuss each other as in the classroom and Collaboration Tools which are freely supported by Google such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Form, Google Slides and Google Jamboard
  • Online Cloud Meeting Services which are essential in these days of Teaching from Home such as Zoom Meeting, Google Hangouts and Jitsi Meet
  • In keeping up with the changing trend of technology, the most applied techniques in Education 4.0 such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cyber Security, the interesting techniques of Robotics and job opportunities in IT field of Myanmar

Internet and Email are essential to study from Online Class in these days. Internet and only a Gmail Account is needed to do time-saving and effective learning and working conveniently from home.

In CSR Program for Youth Development (Online Free Class), the effective usage and significance of Internet and Email is going to teach 2 hours per day and 5 days long without any charges to be paid.

For anyone who join to attend CSR Program for Youth Development (Online Free Class), an opportunity is given that is if the learners join the upcoming Pre University Course of NVL Institute, School Fee 50% and 100000Ks in cash will be rewarded as Scholar and after attending Pre University Foundation, the first year of UK Degrees classes at NVL Institute could be joined with Full Scholarship, Partial Scholarship and Joint Scholarship.

Anyone who want to attend CSR Program for Youth Development (Online Free Class) could make registration in this link.

[Link – https://www.nvl-university.com/csr-registration/]

For further detailed information, please contact to Hot Line No: 09962042468.

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