CSR Program for Youth Development (Online Free Class) Accounting for Non Accountant

NVL Institute is further providing Business Courses and Accounting and Finance Courses in CSR Program for Youth Development (Online Free Class).

It is needed to be aware of the variable environment in these days to know changing systems for the success of businesses and to make better decisions for becoming better organization. Any business administrators need to understand Accounting Course correspondingly to make better decisions.

Accounting for Non Accountant Course by NVL Institute is aimed to provide for those who are not familiar with Accounting Course.

The subjects which will be taught in CSR Program for Youth Development (Online Free Class) of NVL Institute are:

  • Accounting Basics
  • Study of Financial Statements
  • Assessing the Business with Financial Ratios
  • Accounting for Decision Making

Sayar U KyawHtin Win, B.A (Eco), MBA, ACCA (Affiliate) will teach the subjects mentioned above to be understandable and to apply practically under the title of Accounting for Non Accountant in CSR Program for Youth Development (Online Free Class).

Accounting for Non Accountant Course will last for 2 weeks.

In the first week, the Online Free Class will take from 29 May 2020 (Friday) to 31 May 2020 (Sunday) and it will take from 5 June 2020 (Friday) to 7 June 2020 (Sunday) in the second week.

The duration of this Course will be two hours long per a day from 6PM to 7:30PM.

Accounting for Non Accountant Course should be joined by

  • Anyone who like changing and developing
  • Matriculation students who are waiting for the exam result
  • University students
  • Anyone who are preparing to apply jobs
  • Anyone who want to use Accounting conveniently in the workplace
  • Anyone who are managing the business

Anyone who want to join this course could make registration under the title of NVL-CSR-007-Accounting for Non Accountant in this link [https://www.nvl-university.com/csr-registration].

Anyone who attend CSR Program (Online Free Class) till the end will be given CSR Completion Certificate and will also be rewarded 100000Ks in cash as Scholarship with that Certificate when they join Pre University Foundation Program class which are going to open at NVL Institute. Moreover, 50000Ks in cash as Scholarship will be provided if they attend ACCA classes at NVL Institute.

For further detailed information, please contact to Hot Line No: 09962042468.

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