Ka Htain Donation – 2017

One of the religious events is Ka Htain Donation. Unlike WarSo, the chosen monastery which must have only one offer to accept for Ka Htain donation. We arranged a change of style including special location and donation per classes. For this year, the event place where the monastery is situated on the hillside is the best choice to do good deeds altogether on 1st November. We had 10 minutes driving up to get there from the base of hill named “Yae Tagon” and it is also a pleasant site of Mandalay Region. Everybody can see robes, and all offertories are tied on each Ka Htain wooden frame. The donation amount is almost 25 lakhs including chairman’s offers. We all respected to the monks, provided donations, and delicious lunch sets. Our group had a wonderful time with sharing good deeds, happy lunch, and walking around hillside.

After donation, principal with chairman family were throwing money at all audience as felt happiness on such honorable course of actions.