Academic Public Seminar

Education is important and powerful tool in 21st  century.

We would like to inform that UK education is the highest and quality education. The partner of NVL, NCC education is the organization of England education and awarded International Computing Diploma and Business Diploma. NCC Education Diploma in Computing, which leads to the Honors Degree of Bachelor of Science(BSc-Hons) in Business Computing and Information Systems (BCIS) awarded by University of Central Lancashire. NCC Education Diploma in Business, which leads to the Honors Degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA-Hons) in Business Administration (BBA) awarded by University of Worcester.

Students who pass matriculation exam can join NCC Diploma and Bachelor Degree in NVL Institute.

For detail information, we would like to invite you to join Public Seminar held in Royal Mingalar Hotel.
NVL Institute dignify Scholarships program!!!