Study and complete a British Degree/ Master Degree Pathway in Myanmar with NCC Education

About this Event!

Join us to discover career opportunities available to you!

NCC Education are delighted to announce our next careers webinar for students in Myanmar takes place on:

  • FRIDAY 3rd July, 2020
  • 5:00 PM (Myanmar Time)

A bit about NCC Education…

Our computing and business qualifications are recognised by universities and employers worldwide.

You can study locally and achieve a globally-recognised qualification.

NCC Education gives you the opportunity for affordable pathways to obtain a UK university degree or master’s qualification in Business and Computing.

We work in partnership with our 10 Accredited Partner Centres in Myanmar and have partnerships with over 70 universities in the UK, Australia, Canada and the US.


With routes and arrangements with some of the most prestigious universities in the world, NCC Education qualifications enable you to take your career further and study internationally.


NCC Education has boosted the careers of over 10,000 Burmese students in the past 25 years, who have gone on to work for multinational companies, SMEs or setting up their own businesses.

Find out more about the benefits of a British education:

  • Study options when you complete your matriculation.
  • Introduction to NCC Education
  • Programmes available
  • Partner universities
  • Career prospects
  • NCC Education and Myanmar history of more than 25 years
  • Alumni performance and results

Guest Speakers for the event:

  • Darrell McGivern- Head of Product, NCC Education
  • James Whittaker- Head of Academic Development, NCC Education

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