Thadingyut (Festival of Lights) – 2018

NVL Institute held the annual lighting festival and worship festival on 19th, October.2018. Thadingyut, the seventh month of the Myanmar calendar marks the end of the lent. All public buildings, streets and houses are full of lights and festooned with colored electric bulbs and plastic or paper lantern. The teachers, students and all members of NVL family happily celebrated in lighting festival.

It is a time for remembering those to whom we owe respect and gratitude. It is also a season of festivals and rejoicing. The Buddha’s visit to the celestial regions was to teach the great truth he had found through rigorous striving for many lives, to his own mother. It was a gesture of gratitude, an example for all to follow. The Buddha made the greatest gift to all. The word kadaw is an everyday expression in Myanmar life. When you have to say something indelicate or impolite, you say it with the word kadaw; the same word is used as an apology for any transgression like, bumping into someone or stepping on another’s feet.

In this morning, the students of NVL institute make “kadaw”, an apology for any transgression to teachers for their gratitude. The teachers accept the kadaw from students and returned forgiveness. Paying respects or kadaw ceremonies are organized and held in NVL institute. Buddhist legends prove the good influence of teachers on their students, this is the spirit of Thadingyut season.

It was an unforgettable moment for teachers and students of NVL institute.