War So Donation – 2017

Not only being emphasized in academic, our students are to be familiar with religious roles, we held seasonal events yearly. There are two religious events; Waso and Ka Htain. In these events, we usually collect robes and proper items from all of us to donate the monastery. For this year 2017, we celebrated War So donation at “Mahar Vici Tar Yama”, Yatanaa Gonyi (PhyonBoo) on the date of 7th July. It is located in Pyi Gyi Tagon township, Mandalay. We all paid respect to the monks, had saying the prayers followed by monks, sharing our good deeds to all beings. And we provided the lunch dishes table and desserts to the monks. Then, lunch is served to all teachers, students, staffs and special guests. By involving such kinds of events, all participants are getting to know notes to respect, cultural awareness, and communities’ relevant religious.