Web Development CSR Program (Online Free Class) of NVL Institute

The basic knowledge which should be needed to know concerned with websites in this 21st Century will be trained in Web Development CSR Program (Online Free Class) of NVL Institute.

In keeping up with the developing technological era, a variety of jobs are performing prosperously on Digital Platforms.

In these days, people are getting to know about the benefits of Web Technology and these are widely used in their daily life.

According to COVID – 19 situation, most of businesses provide services with online ordering and delivery services by creating websites and applications for their products and services.

In accordance with the technological trend, the fundamental bases such as HTML, CSS which are essential to know when creating a website will be taught in Web Development CSR Program (Online Free Class) of NVL Institute.

Who should join to the Web Development class?

  • Students who sat for the Matriculation exam and who are interested to learn Programming or IT for the first time
  • Anyone who wants to learn the basis of creating Website Design for the first time

In this Web Development class, the following knowledge will be trained:

  • How Web Pages are created with HTML Language
  • How Websites are made more creative with CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

Anyone can attend the Web Development CSR Program (Online Free Class) of NVL Institute with mobile phones and computers in every places where the internet can assess.

  • Introduction to Basic HTML tags
  • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheet
  • Hyperlinks
  • Text and Images with CSS
  • Page Layout with CSS
  • HTML Form with CSS
  • Responsive

The above mentioned Course Outline which are essential in developing website will be taught in Web Development Class.

The basic knowledge of Web Development is basically needed to know if anyone wants to create Websites by themselves and if anyone is thinking about to stand as a Web Developer.

Anyone can definitely acquire the basic knowledge about Web Development after attending this Web Development class and it is also supported to learn creating Personal Blogs and Websites as well as to start own career.

Therefore, it is invited to attend Web Development CSR (Online Free Class) of NVL Institute via online by taking a little time per a day.

The Web Development will last for 5 days from (11 July 2020 Saturday – 15 July 2020 Wednesday).

The duration will be two hours long per a day from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Anyone who want to join this course could make registration under the title of NVL-CSR-003-HTML/CSS in this link [https://www.nvl-university.com/csr-registration].

For further detailed information, please contact to Hot Line No: 09962042468.

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